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Since 2009, Kickstarter is the most popular and respected crowdfunding platform on the internet for the watch industry.
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from many people. Today, its practice is welcomed by new watch creators, designers or even by established watch companies.

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During its life on Kickstarter, a project has a status of ‘failed, successful, live, suspended or cancelled’. In 2018, about 51 % of watch projects failed to meet their minimum goal.

KickValue is a unique benchmarking service for comparing a start-up watch project with what similar projects achieved.

KickValue bespoke service provides accurate data-driven information. Measurement reveals which parts of a project are working and how.  Key takeout and actionable next steps are also suggested.

All of this is very meaningful and impactful for starting projects.
In short, KickValue addresses critical issues, such as:

  • what is the probability of success of my watch project on Kickstarter?
  • what amount of pledge should I target?
  • which countries should I target ?
  • what will be my official retail price?
  • what is the added value of a Swiss movement to my project ?
  • what is the added value of a sapphire glass to my project?
  • how many references should I introduce?
  • which highlights should I display in my content?
  • on which media should I communicate?
  • how many days should my campaign stay live on Kickstarter?
  • do I have to open a website?

KickValue service is based on a dataset of more than 1200 watch projects covering benckmarking processes on a complete range of product features (17 criteria) and marketing & communications aspects (16 criteria).

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